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How Long Did Paul Newman Live With Lung Cancer?

We don’t know exactly how long Paul Newman lived with lung cancer. In June of 2008 it was rumored, then denied, then confirmed that Paul Newman had the disease. He passed away on September 26, 2008, 3 months after his diagnosis became known. In 2007 Paul Newman said he was retiring from acting, but cited reasons other than health concerns. In May of 2008, he announced he would not be directing “Mice and Men” because of health problems. It may be that Paul Newman desired the privacy that many famous people are denied. Or it may be the  stigma of lung cancer  -- that unspoken sense that somehow people with lung cancer deserve the disease -- that kept him silent at first. Nobody deserves a diagnosis of cancer. Hopefully, others like Paul Newman will open up about their diagnosis, and help to raise awareness about lung cancer - the leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women. #lungcancer #paulnewman #

Cancer patient gets death sentence for hospital fire

"The court decided to impose the death sentence on Lin Chi-hsiung because of the large number of casualties he caused and because he showed no remorse for his crime," a spokeswoman for the Tainan district court in south Taiwan said. Lin, 67, a patient at the nursing facility in Tainan city, was found guilty of last year triggering the fire by lighting tissue paper and throwing it into a storage room full of clothes. He was arrested hours after the incident and has claimed he started the blaze because he was upset about suffering from cancer and other chronic illness. The fire erupted before dawn at the nursing facility, whose 115 patients included people in their 90s, with several left on their own to escape dense smoke that filled the building. Closed-circuit TV footage taken moments after the blaze broke out showed hospital staff scrambling to put out the fire, while some elderly patients struggled to escape in their wheelchairs. The government

Cancer - I am still a woman

Nina-Ann McCurley, with Jim Kilpatrick HOME BIO BOOK BLOG MEDIA Go to... Home Bio Book -- I Am Still a Woman Blog Media I Am Still a Woman I am Nina-Ann McCurley. I was born in a small town, an average woman living my life day to day. 12 years ago, as I watched my mother waste away and die of ovarian cancer, I felt the pain of losing someone so dear and loving to me. What I didn’t know then was that I would have to face my own battle with cancer one day—not once, but twice. I love my life and my three sons, and I..... Read more Order a copy now! Home Bio Book Blog Media