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Cancer quote of the day

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By Michelle Castillo / CBS News/"Doctor dogs" being trained to sniff out ovarian cancer

From CBS News today: Rescue dogs that were saved are now being trained to save other people's lives by sniffing out ovarian cancer. Dina Zaphiris, a pet owner and dog trainer from West Hills, Calif., is working with researchers at the Pine Street Foundation to teach dogs how to detect ovarian cancer from a person's breath. "These dogs would rather find the cancer sample than a steak," Zaphiris told CBS station KCBS in Los Angeles . Zaphiris felt a personal connection to the project after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990. Eventually, her mother died in 2010. "Her struggle: She did not find it early," she explained. Now, Zaphiris works four hours a day, four days a week training mixed-breed dogs how to use their noses to find cancer. First, healthy people and ovarian cancer patients are instructed to breath into sample jars that contain a piece of cloth. The samples are slotted into a specially made trough. Then, the dogs a

Cancer - Bryce Courtenay loses battle with cancer at 79

Books: I Came To Say Goodbye Tears and tattoos The Pleasure Seekers Blind Fury The Return Of Captain John Emmett Topics: Books One of Australia's favourite authors, Bryce Courtenay, has died at the age of 79. The South African-born novelist passed away in his Canberra home at 11pm on Thursday with his family by his side, ending a long battle with stomach cancer. The best-selling author was best known for his much-loved novel The Power of One , the story of a child growing up in the time of South Africa's apartheid. Published in 1989, the book sold more than 8 million copies and remains one of Australia's best-selling novels. He has penned more than 20 works other works, and became a Member of the Order of Australia in 1995, and has been acknowledged as an Australia Post Literary Legend. He revealed his diagnosis only months ago. "I have been diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer and am expected to have only some months to share with my

Art for Health - Cancer Council

Art for Health “Participating in art therapy increased my self-confidence. Making art about my life helped reduce my anxiety, as well as feel some hope for the future. That's been good for me and my partner”. Sarah (39) Breast cancer survivor Art for Health is an art therapy workshop for Young Adult cancer survivors (18-45yrs). You do not need to be ‘creative’, have experience, or know anything about making art. You will be guided through the use of simple, art making processes to explore some of the unique physical, emotional and social challenges that follow diagnosis and treatment. Deal with difficult thoughts and feelings Communicate experiences which may be hard to talk about Develop positive coping strategies Join with other Young Adult cancer survivors and use paint, pastels and collage to explore, reflect and gain insight about your experiences. Registration is essential: Phone Annie Miller on 9334 1465 Date: Saturday 1 December, 2012 Time: 10.00am (sharp!) to 2

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Orangutan's chemotherapy treatment for cancer ends

MIAMI (AP) — Peanut, an 8-year-old orangutan with cancer and one of the star attractions at Miami’s Jungle Island, no longer needs chemotherapy, her medical team announced Tuesday. Peanut had been undergoing chemotherapy since August, following a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. After three courses of combination chemo-immunotherapy, her doctors decided it was time to wrap up her treatments for the aggressive lymphoma. Although Peanut was not the first great ape to be treated for cancer like a human, experts said it is not common to use chemotherapy among orangutans. Dr. Jason Chatfield, curator and staff veterinarian for Jungle Island, said the stress of ‘‘multiple immobilizations’’ for the treatment was a factor in a decision to end her chemotherapy. He added she received an adequate amount of chemotherapy. ‘‘What we do know is that without this chemotherapy, Peanut would not survive,’’ Chatfield said. But he cautioned that imaging and scans used to gauge t

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Sadness and Loss - Mans best friend and loved family member BUSTA

Yesterday my world got rocked. I have almost become numb and froozen as my son and I cried over the phone at the loss of a family member. Busta a beautiful Kelpie came into my home during my Chemo for my breast cancer 3 and a half years ago, he was the happy addition and much loved new family member in a time where the house was in a bit of termoil. We have 3 dogs and the kelpie Busta fits into our life perfectly, loved by us all. Having 3 boys and 3 boy dogs the house is always fun. Busta is the only dog that would play ball and amuse me with the amount of times he could keep getting that ball.  I call boys come for breaky and the dogs appear first. Damian had him well trained and doing tricks in no time, mans best friend is true. Busta was like a human. When I was laying down he was by my side, when I ironed or cooked he was by my side. Today the tears are flowing as yesterday at 3.30pm Busta's life ended in a terrible acident. I wanted to share this today because loss is


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Breast Cancer study - White house doctor Connie Mariano

I thought this was an interesting share: Former White House Doctor Connie Mariano discusses the InVite Study, a new approach to gathering information for breast cancer research, and how patients can participate in the study themselves. There is a new approach to breast cancer research. I’m former White House Doctor Connie Mariano with EmpowHER, and this is HER Health Minute. We know the internet can be a valuable research tool. Now two medical companies hope online feedback can provide some answers for those with advanced stages of breast cancer. Genentech and 23andMe hope to work with 1000 people with advanced stages of breast cancer who are willing to participate in an online research study called InVite. The companies are targeting women in the U.S. who have taken the medicine Avastin, also known as Bevacizumab, prior to December 31, 2011, for metastatic breast cancer. Tell us what you think Write your comment here *

The Ned Kelly Trail - Beechworth Victoria

Here I am at Barnsley House in the town of Beechworth: Fabulous B & B Charming 1852 goldrush town of Beechworth. Here you can visit the courthouse where Ned Kelly, his mother and many sympathisers were tried and watch a re-enactment of the Ned Kelly trial. View the exterior of the Beechworth Gaol where Ned and his mother were held and learn about the history of Beechworth's colourful past at the Historical and Cultural Precinct which includes the Courthouse, Telegraph Station, Bourke Museum, the Powder Magazine and view a documentary at the Town Hall. Beechworth offers visitors a wide choice of accommodation making it the perfect place to spend the night.

Melbourne Cup 2012 - the trip

Well it has been a pretty interesting and fun week. Left for Canberra on Friday last week, heading for a couple of days with friends. Dr Phillip Knowles and his lovey wife Jenny. I will blog about Jenny in further detail soon as she is helping cancer patients. We had a lovely 2 days with them at there lovely home. Lots of laughs, champagne and great home cooking. Euroa was the next stop at a lovely B & B called Courtyard Cottages our hosts were Veronica and Bernie, what a quiet and lovely town we sat outside and enjoyed the country on a lovely patio. our hosts were wonderful. Left for Melbourne staying at the Park Hyatt in a spa room. The rooms are fabulous and huge. This is where I had 4 events with 100 others with the team from Kelly and Partners a large accounting firm,some lovley new friends and had a ball. In recovey today as buggered.. The first event was at Myer with the CEO followed by champagne and canapes and a shop around Myer. All the guys got a free aftershave an

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Melbourne cup this year 2012

I am currently packing my bags and getting ready to leave for my voyage to Melbourne cup. Also I will be a four events this year in Melbourne: Myer Fashion show Melbourne cup welcome dinner Melbourne cup Breakfast Melbourne cup in the birdcage After dinner Melbourne cup I will give you an update as I go along. This is my first time ever at the cup. I have been to so many races. This will be a big one, will keep you in the loop....I am really excited.