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Quote of the day - Yoko Ono

Start dreaming of love. First imagine a mirror in which you see and love yourself. That love you create, will go all over the world, and make people feel good. Yoko Ono #yokoono #quote #quoteoftheday #survivor #iamstillawoman

Quote of the day - SheQuotes

"Never live to work - always work to live!" ~ @MsUnderestimate #SheQuotes #quote #quoteoftheday #worktolive

The pheonix rises from the Ashes - Survivor

This is history and tomorrow is a mystery The Pheonix rises from the ashes Look how far we have come #salvationarmy #survivor #thankgodforthesalvos #cancer #breastcancer

Winding down the year - Survivor

Hi peeps, Well the year is coming to an end! It's certainly been a year of ups and downs. Very happy for most people around me. They have been amazing and certainly happy for their progress this year, I have enjoyed watching my friends and family go from strength to strength. This is what we pray for everyone to be happy and content. There was a big disappointment in a friend. But that's life next year will see me and all the people I love grow stronger, so it's best to flick the toxic ones. Cancer checks this year for all of you doing them. Fantastic to get good results. For all of you fighting a battle this year. I hope your new year brings much health your way, I admire your strength and you know you can do this. Today I am sitting at my desk reflecting on a marvellous year. I look forward to 2018 bringing us lots of wonderful things. To health, wealth and happiness for us all. A friend of 20 years just sent me the most beautiful message that has made my day! You kno

Quote of the day - Yoko Ono

Don't forget how beautiful the planet can be. And the beauty of the Universe surrounding us. The sun rising. The moon rising. The stars shining. What a great symphony! #beautifulplanet #yokoono #quote #quoteoftheday #quote

Quote of the day - Yoko Ono

Don't stop yourself from being upset. That's not your inner demons. Just you. You are human and allowed to be upset. #quoteoftheday #yokoono #quote