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Study confirms cancers-family link

Study confirms cancers-family linkBy Helen Briggs
BBC NewsCancer risk depends on genes, lifestyles and environment
Having cancer in the family can increase your chances of developing not only the same cancer but other types too, research suggests. A study of 23,000 people in Italy and Switzerland found that for each of 13 cancers, close relatives had an increased risk of the same disease. But there was also evidence that a family history of one cancer could significantly raise the risk of others. Cancer charities say risk depends on genes, lifestyle and environment. The research, published in the journal Annals of Oncology, followed 12,000 patients with cancer at different sites in the body. Cancers studiedMouth and pharynxNasopharynxOesophagusStomachBowelLiverPancreasLarynxBreastWombOvariesProstateKidney They were compared with 11,000 people without cancer. The researchers collected information on family history of cancer, …

Welcome Nipples

Last month saw my 7th surgery, Its been four and a half years now and I am finally becoming the new me.

Long voyage but doing great. I still have the tattooing and scar removal to come so just imagine then. I can move on and not ever have to see those scars.

Next question brown or pink nipples?

Its hard when my natural breasts have been gone so long now, I guess that decision wont really matter......

Cancer takes alot away but it cant take my optimism ever.....I will survive
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