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Behind the Scenes - A big thank you

When I launch my book you will see the support in the back ground. Lovely people that do things without asking and expect nothing in return. Well I need to mention someone special that has saved me many times.   He is still helping me out till I get through my surgeries. That is the boys father Ian. We are still really good friends, we go out for the boys birthday's and ours together as a family. He has been a great dad and a great support network to our family. He has helped me financially right through my battle. I just wanted to say thanks to him. Without Ian, I would have been in a very bad place. At a time when I was pushed out of work due to illness. 5 surgeries and chemotherapy. The boys needed him and he was and is always there for them and me. I am lucky to have that support. I think he does not know how much I care that he is there for us. In life we must support and be there for each other, I am thankful for the support. As we all know it's embarrassing to ask fa

Happy New Year 2012 is my year

Here is it the 1st of January, starting off my year with some more exciting moments. I will post my adventures and plans on my blog so you can share that with me. I guess first off the ranks is the sailing Nationals a once year event. It all begins on 13th January, 3 days. I will be sailing on my birthday which is the 14th. We are practicing now, its very exciting. Let me introduce my team mates first there is Graham, he is the skipper and the owner of the yacht. Then there is Bard, he is on the main sail. The guys have sailed together for many years. Then there is the Bowman Stuart, he is up the front and we get the most wet because of our positions. George is on the Jib Sheets and Spinnaker sheets, and lil old me I do the Haliyards. Which means I control the ropes and hang around the bow. Have become very close to these men. OK, now brace yourself for further updates I am sponsoring someone in a Breast Cancer Event In April at Mt Everest. I will share and introduce you to Beau soon.

Texas my Visit next year!

My ghostwriter and I have grown very close. We have been working on our project for awhile now and its amazing how much we have shared. We will both be attending the yearly breast cancer event next year in Texas.  I am very excited to join in this event: (See Below) Also I will bring him to Australia because this is my home and I would like to make a difference to other women. The Pink Ribbon Challenge® is an annual NBCF event that happens every October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It combines the efforts of radio stations and syndicated programs nationwide, the support of top-name music celebrities, and most importantly listeners, to raise funds to provide free mammograms for underserved women. Unlike any other fundraising effort, listeners participate by visiting their favorite radio station's web site each day during October and clicking on the Pink Ribbon banner. That sends them to The Breast Cancer Site where another click on the "Fund Free Mammograms" button tra

Chemotherapy - Competition Sailing

When you have Chemo it makes you pretty sick, tired restless and very lame. I wanted to do something that made me really happy and that was sailing. After being a social Sailor with my Sydney friends in Sydney, for 20 odd years sailing starting with Michelle at Mosman. Then joining Karen, Les and Andrew at Wooloomooloo. Those were fun days I can tell you. Social Sailing drinking, eating and laughing. They were the greatest fun. These days I am a competition Sailor at Gosford Sailing Club, no drinking or eating cheese. Its serious and we have 5 crew. We are all very close indeed. Sailing is a fabulous sport but a dangerous sport so you have to be on guard all the time. We do very well always getting line honors, we love it. 2009 They sailed with me but they had no idea that under that black hat was a wig, as I had no hair from chemo. My eyebrows were drawn on my face and they used to wash off in the waves. Also no eyeslashes, I never told them how sick I was, but they know now. I just

Family Support through a life threatening battle

Mum passed away 12 years ago from an Ovarian cancer battle. The Chemotherapy did her heart in and she had a massive heart attack. Her biggest asset her heart failed her in the end. Its been really hard loosing my mother, its really the only person in the whole world you can depend on 24/7. She was very supportive and loving. Life will never be the same. Dad has lived through quiet a bit. Now 70 he lost the love of his life and I think he struggles with that still. Then he has had to go through my 2 battles as well. Its been hard for him and I now its hurt him. My sisters were really supportive. In many ways, I already knew how much I loved them but the bond is stronger. They were really there for me. Of course their is my boys, they were really wonderful. Really scared but very supportive. They are my legacy I am so proud of the 3 of them. They are wonderful men now. Grown from the little boys that used to play with Thomas the tank engine and dress up in Batman and Ninja Turtle gear.

Cancer - friends suport

I guess you just sometimes have to walk in someone else's shoes to see how they feel. Woman are funny creatures. I guess we all mean well. But some do so much damage. The truth is we all try and protect ourselves from thinking we could ever get cancer. So some lay blame, so they can feel good about it not happening to them. Some friends are caring and offer heaps of support, I guess its a mix of emotions for all that are involved. Me personally I have a cancer gene that runs in my family. I have 2 sisters they did not get the gene thank fully. I am really hoping it has missed my boys, as I would hate to see them suffer at all. As a parent we all know how hard it is to keep them safe as it is. I think really its a numbers game and the research shows that 1 in 2 of us will get cancer before 80. That is very high stats. You need your friends through this battle, but I guess I also needed to be alone when I was sick I wanted to sleep and just rest. So really learnt to be on my own. Wh

Cancer twice survivor! Naming my book

Choosing the name of my book. It was hard but I thought I have had cancer twice. My friend she said. "Once is never enough" a great name. We loved it! But the book writer who is in Dallas Texas said "I am still a woman"..You know what I loved this title so much. Because its true. I am still a woman even though I have lost most of my womanly body parts. At one stage there I thought I was a boy. No hair, no eyebrows, no boobs, no eyelashes, no ovaries and no womb. Thats what has to happen, if you choose the hardest choice it must be the best choice. In life there are no guarantee's or are there?

Cancer at 24 - too young to die with stage 4

You know when you are young and you think you have the whole world at your feet. The life you thought you would have. A husband a house a loving family a baby on the way. Thats it the perfect life. Or so I thought. Then something happens to rock your world. They call it the BIG C I hate that word cancer. Back then they did not know as much as today. Research has taken us to a new level. I guess I must be a cat with 9 lives, I have used quiet a few but guess what. Some people only get one life. I always say I am lucky..You know what I am. # iamstillawoman #cancer #age24 #cancersux #tooyoung 

An everyday woman's journey in life then hit with 2 cancers

Gee where do I start. I love my life it's filled with all the things that I ever dreamed of! I have 3 amazing sons they are the reason I continue to grown in my inner strength. I draw off the love that we share. A mothers role is amazing. More than I ever imagined, I lost my mother to cancer 12 years ago. I have now been through 2 cancer battles......I have a strength I never knew existed!