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Sex in the suburbs! Part 1

Sex sells there is no doubt about that! Look at everything around you! But what happens now romance is gone?
Is romance dead! Well it seems that way. But why??
Ok so let’s go back to what mums said. In the 60’s a time of free loving and parties. So can you remember back!  Yep I was a 65 model meaning 1965. Remember the mini skirts - gee they seemed tame to this era. lol 😂 Funerals are a classic example we would have been murdered if we went to church looking like you were going to stand on a corner of Kings Cross!
But do they care anymore, probably not. Society has changed a lot.
Dating in the day. Dinner, movies or a picnic?? Gee it seems like an eternity ago.
Let’s use 4 ladies with our stories: similar to sex in the city - maybe or maybe not!
I am changing names here to protect all involved. But it’s great to share stories and the girls don’t mind but yep I am protecting all.
1. Sophie - like Samantha sex it the city (no strings no commitment doesn’t care)
2. Melanie - like Miran…

South America - Iguazu Falls

Had a fabulous few days here. This was our bucket list item and yes it was incredibly exciting. We got soaked but hey that’s the fun of holidays. Ann and I certainly covered a lot of exciting stuff. Breathtaking.
#iguazufalls #southamerica #lovelife #bucketlist #iamstillawoman #globaltraveller

Iguazu Falls Facts
Iguazu Falls are waterfalls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, dividing the Iguazu River into upper and lower levels. The first European to set his eyes on Iguazu Falls was the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca in 1541. The Iguazu waterfall system makes up 1.7 miles of the Iguzu River and consists of 275 waterfalls. The name Iguazu originates from two words that mean ‘water' and ‘big'. These words don't quite capture the magnificence of this natural wonder. Iguazu Falls was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.Interesting Iguazu Falls Facts:There is a legend that explains how the falls were created. A god was to marry Naipi, a …

Xmas song - the Christmas shoes 👠

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Quote of the day - Jim Rohn

QUOTE OF THE DAY"Don't just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it." - Jim Rohn #jimrohn #iamstillawoman #quoteoftheday #survivor 

Quote of the day - Robert H Schuller

Quote OF THE DAY"Winning starts with beginning." - Robert H Schuller
#quoteoftheday #quote #roberthschuller #iamstillawoman 

Pancreatic Cancer breakthrough

Published Today By  Fact checked by Jasmin Collier

New research now published in the Journal of Natural Products shows that a vine compound is highly effective in the fight against treatment-resistant pancreatic cancer cells.#cancer #cells #pancreaticcancer #breakthrough #natural #journalofnaruralproducts #cure #survivor #iamstillawoman #Anasandiou #jasmincollier

A type of rainforest vine may hold the key to effective cancer treatments.  Pancreatic cancer is notoriously difficult to treat, and the condition has a poor outlook. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the 5-year survival rate for people with early-stage exocrine pancreatic cancer is 12–14 percent. A new study explains why that is and offers a potential solution. Gerhard Bringmann, a professor of organic chemistry at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in Germany.  Specifically, human pancreatic cells have an "ability to proliferate aggressively under hypovascular and hypoxic conditions in the…

South America - Coca Leaves fact or fiction

Photo via Instagram/infiniteinspirationart
Is coca leaf the next South American superfood?
The coca plant has long gotten a bad rap thanks to the fact that cocaine is produced from its leaves. But before coca’s history was corrupted by that illegal white powder, it spent thousands of years known as a miracle crop with incredible nutritional properties. And now, increasingly, it’s becoming an essential part of the cuisine in countries throughout South America. The presence of the coca leaf may be what initially allowed ancient people in modern day Peru and Bolivia to seek out, survive and ultimately build some of the first, most-developed civilizations in the world in the Andes mountains. In modern day La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, visitors are instructed to chew coca leaves or sip coca leaf tea all day long in order to combat the effects of altitude sickness.  On our trip to Peru 🇵🇪 everyone was taking up the coca leaves. But there are 200 different varieties  It tastes awful and we…

South America the adventure - Machu Picchu

How the hell in ancient times do these people build all these amazing things with out the modern day tools!!! I get since the 14th century of the Incas this has been asked over and over! Brilliant!
In Machu Picchu it rains 270 days a year. There was pretty bad weather in the morning there. But lucky after a long delay we boarded and got there for great weather a great day. Actually we were there 2 days it’s totally incredible.
This was on mine and Ann’s bucket list which was totally exciting, better than you could even imagine. You will also find the history dude totally amazing with everything from offerings to sacrifice! Oh yeah back then that’s what it was anout.
Crazy and fun it’s now ticked off the list.
Also we had an Inca massage before leaving omg 😮 this was the best ever! Those muscles may have been a little tight after all that walking. It’s precious if your going to South America put it on your list.
You ok now what’s funny people say why waste your money on travel!
Well …

South America the adventure - Rio

Last month Ann and I set travels abroad for our 3rd adventure. We had a ball - met lovely people, saw amazing things and had a fabulous adventure.
South America, worth is visit yes! We have all heard bad travel stories. We are so lucky we have never had any trouble. This trip saw us putting ourselves both very unfit you could say in a pretty active trip.
Would I do it again-hell yeah!
Ann and I now friends for 48 years no shock we have been through heaps of trying times in both our lives! We go away to share history, adventure and many laughs.
Oh and yep have planned the next one ☝️ of course we have.
You must go there it's incredible. So many things to see and do!
So what did we decide.
This :
Rio - amazing I fell in love with Christ the redeemer - wanted to bring him home but I think the excess baggage may have been huge! Plus I probably may have been arrested.
You need to see him he is amazing! Also sugar loaf is a mountain you have to go there. We didn't know about this t…

Lyn Dawson missing 36 years - the teachers pet

LOST WIFE MYSTERY Will sensational podcast The Teacher’s Pet solve 36-year mystery of missing mum Lyn Dawson, her rugby ace husband and his teen lover? The web show has uncovered disturbing allegations that Lyn's husband Chris was part of a teachers’ sex ring and police have launched a new probe
By Giulia Crouch 21st August 2018,  #podcast #teacherspet #lyndawson #coldcase #australia #crime #theaustralian #letshopetheyfindher

Joe Simpson - prostate cancer

Joe SimpsonPhoto Credit: AP Joe Simpson, who is father to Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in November 2016. After undergoing radiation treatments, Simpson has bounced back and has "zero cancer," he told Us Weekly on July 27, 2017. Prostate cancer is a scarey thing awareness is the key. We thank our celebrities for that.  Who is Joe?  Joe Simpson, 2013 Joe Simpson (born 1960) is an Englishmountaineer, author and motivational speaker. He is best known for his book Touching the Void and the 2003 film adaptation of his book. I think Joe is ok. It's a year on, wishing him the very best.   Famous daughters I am sure that keeps him busy.  #prostate #cancer #survivor #celebrityawareness #survivor #joesimpson