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The devastation looking back through the hour glass!

A survivor means many things! But above all it means you have survived something that could have killed you. Sharing information is great because it helps others and I needed a lot of help to make decisions that I knew nothing about. I was very lucky that cancer council and some ladies that had been through the same things shared their story. It’s great to listen to others, but also to take what you need from this. Not all Information that is shared is good. Looking glass looking back! This year marks the 11 th anniversary of my second cancer! Sounds weird I would rather celebrate with something good. But guess what I am here that’s amazing! Would I make the same choices! Not sure! Would I do the same things not sure! Coming this far! Fear no longer consumes my mind! Oh that’s ok pretty sure only a couple of years ago I panicked over everything and started imagining things that weren’t even there. After the mastectomy I couldn’t feel my chest! This far in I still can’t. The sk

Nipple reconstruction the terror!

I have kind of decided it’s pretty dumb to want nipple surgery! Can they replace it the same no. But has techlogy made it easier or harder! Gee hard question! I wanted my nipples back to be human and a women again! Looking back it’s the stupidest thing I have ever done! No nipples: No bra It costs a lot of money and I don’t think it’s worth it, they are gone now it’s time to accept the loss. As hard as it is. I thought it would be great! Trying to get my body back, but the truth is our not coming back it’s gone and that has to be ok. I guess it was do I get tattoos and try and look normal again! They do have some great tattoo nipples. Well no I have accepted the new me but it comes with so many insecurities that I thought I was over. It’s ok not to have them! It’s ok not to be ok. But I am ok my boyfriend at the time spent $10,000 on these nipples to make me feel good, he actually was fine with everything so why was I so desperate to replace something that’s gone! Be happy

Big Game - movie of the week

Thriller, action a great story and I got a few laughs. This is seriously the best movie I have seen in ages. Worth a watch of course. #movie #biggame #samuelljackson #felicityhuffman #president #movieoftheweek #worthawatch

Ground breaking cancer Carctol Capsule in India with Dr.Vipin Tiwari

Sharing is caring and also very important to keep up with what’s happening in the world. Cancer news we see everyday! This is something I am very very excited about : Changing the future and also saving lives. Sound too good to be true well it’s not the research that has gone into this product is brilliant. Please check out Dr.Vipin Tiwari he is working in India. I was really happy he contacted me to share this product. So I want to share it also with you all. The mission: MISSION "Our mission is to offer products as well as services of the highest professional standards in order to make the whole world Cancer Free." The people at Dr. Nandlal Tiwari Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. are focused on researching the power of ayurveda, bring up natural medicines & therapies and spread it all over the world for the benfit of mankind. We work hard to bring smiles on hopeless patients of Cancer. With successful records in past and dedication of our employees we are con

Quote of the day - Mario Andretti

QUOTE OF THE DAY "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."  -  Mario Andretti    #quoteoftheday #survivor #iamstillawoman #marioandretti