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Study confirms cancers-family link

Study confirms cancers-family link By Helen Briggs BBC News Cancer risk depends on genes, lifestyles and environment Continue reading the main story Having cancer in the family can increase your chances of developing not only the same cancer but other types too, research suggests. A study of 23,000 people in Italy and Switzerland found that for each of 13 cancers, close relatives had an increased risk of the same disease. But there was also evidence that a family history of one cancer could significantly raise the risk of others. Cancer charities say risk depends on genes, lifestyle and environment. The research, published in the journal  Annals of Oncology , followed 12,000 patients with cancer at different sites in the body. Continue reading the main story Cancers studied Mouth and pharynx Nasopharynx Oesophagus Stomach Bowel Liver Pancreas Larynx Breast Womb Ovaries Prostate Kidney They were compared with 11,000 people without cancer. The res

Welcome Nipples

Last month saw my 7th surgery, Its been four and a half years now and I am finally becoming the new me. Long voyage but doing great. I still have the tattooing and scar removal to come so just imagine then. I can move on and not ever have to see those scars. Next question brown or pink nipples? Its hard when my natural breasts have been gone so long now, I guess that decision wont really matter...... Cancer takes alot away but it cant take my optimism ever.....I will survive #nipples # reconstruction #cancer #breastcancer

Facebook Please join me on facebook. #iamstillawoman #cancer #facebook #breastcancer #mastectomy

Samuel L. Jackson says men need to check for cancer

Great to share this story Interview by Nesta McGregor, words by Anthony Baxter Newsbeat reporters Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson says that men need to take better care of their health. He says more needs to be done, especially when it comes to checking for signs of testicular and prostate cancer. The star, 64, is backing a new charity which aims to raise awareness of cancers in men. Continue reading the main story People fail to see a body is a body. Men get breast cancer, men get lung, stomach and liver cancer more than women, and they don't know that Samuel L. Jackson "I've friends who've passed away. I've had friends who've had scares," he said. "I've had friends who've got early detection and got treated and now they're clear." Although it is relatively rare, testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer to affect younger men, according to the NHS. The charity Cancer Research UK says around 2,000 me

Naked mole-rat gives cancer clues By Helen Briggs BBC News

A rodent that never gets cancer could hold the key to preventing or treating malignant tumours, say scientists. Lab studies show the skin cells of the naked mole-rat are high in a natural sugary substance that stops tumours developing. The findings could lead to new human cancer therapies in the long term, researchers report in Nature journal. A similar version of the chemical is used as a medicine to treat arthritis and in anti-wrinkle jabs. A team led by researchers from the University of Rochester, New York, US, investigated the anti-cancer properties of the naked mole-rat. Unlike other small rodents, such as rats and mice, the curious creature does not get cancer in later life. Tissue repair Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote This fascinating research builds on previous work revealing the biological tricks mole rats have evolved to prevent cancer” Oliver Childs Cancer Research UK The US team, led by Andrei Seluanov and Vera Gorbunova, cultur

THEY are calling it the "Angelina effect" - the massive increase in the number of women ringing helplines for advice on breast cancer

Cancer Council Victoria says there has been a massive 1033 per cent increase in the number of calls its helpline is receiving following the decision by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to undergo a double mastectomy. In response, the Cancer Council is hosting an hour-long free national webinair on June 25 from 7.30pm AEST dealing with breast cancer in the family. Guest speaker Mary-Anne Young, Senior Genetic Counsellor at the Peter McCallum Familial Cancer Centre, said providing women with a forum to ask questions and access information was invaluable. "We hope this webinair will reduce unnecessary anxiety we have seen in patients since Ms Jolie's announcement and provide women with the resources of where to go next if genetic testing is an option," she said. Fantastic choice, celebrities bring awareness but it also happens to everyday woman too! #iamstillawoman #angelinajolie #breastcancer #doublemastectomy

The nipple voyage

Cancer takes many voyages and in a loss of many body parts we try to regain whats been lost. Its a battle of vanity versus life I chose life. What i didnt realise is that it would take me 4 and a half years with lots of surgeries, lots of money and 7 surgeries. I have just completed my seventh and happy to say that I finally feel I am getting  there. the hard part is I am still not quiet there. I had my bandages off yesterday so I am healing fine. Looks like with my clothes on, no one will ever know. I now have my nipples, created by my doctor #saveyourboobies #iamstillawoman #facebook #google #lostbodypartsthewarwithin

My favourite actor - Brad Pitt arrives and disappears in space of 48 hour

SHARE expand Share on facebook Brad Pitt arrives at the World War Z premiere at the Star in Sydney. Picture: Getty Images/Caroline McCredie  Source:  Getty Images < Prev Next > • • IT was a long way to come for less than 48 hours but Brad Pitt has flown out of Sydney following his whirlwind promotional tour. The Hollywood A-lister landed at Sydney Airport on a private jet early on Sunday morning and was whisked out of sight by customs into a hanger where private cars were waiting to take him to his hotel. He was in the country to walk the red carpet for his new flick World War Z but never planned to hang around for too long. During what was his first trip down under, Pitt and his son Pax took in the sights with a BBQ on the Harbour aboard the superyacht Ghost II and a stop off at Wild Life Sydney in Darling Harbour so his son could play with a koala and a kangaroo. Pitt then attended the premiere of zombie ac

New drug bevacizumab offers cervical cancer breakthrough

Decrease Text Size Print Emai l Researchers say they hope the new drug could help to turn cervical cancer into a chronic disease. A NEW cervical cancer drug offers the first good hope of extending life for women with advanced stages of the disease, a study has found. Existing chemotherapy regimes are largely ineffective against advanced stages of cervical cancer, which kills 250,000 women worldwide every year. That's why early screening is so critical - regular Pap smears have managed to reduce deaths in wealthy countries by 80 per cent. "Women with advanced cervical cancer don't have many options," said lead study author Krishnansu Sujata Tewari, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California Irvine. "We finally have a drug that helps women live longer." The study found that women who were given the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) along with their chemotherapy prolonged survival to an ave

Up close and perfect: Angelina Jolie's $250,000 engagement ring which took perfectionist Brad Pitt a year to design

Couple's private jeweller Robert Procop reveals actor commissioned diamond design By  DONNA MCCONNELL  and  CHRIS JOHNSON PUBLISHED:  10:29 GMT, 16 April 2012  |  UPDATED:  15:25 GMT, 16 April 2013 comments Brad Pitt's stunning choice of engagement ring appears to perfectly reflect his feelings for the beautiful actress. In the first close-up look at the flawless diamond ring, the love and care that went into the design - which Pitt - alongside jeweller Robert Procop - took a year to perfect -  is evident.  The large square diamond wouldn't have looked out of place in Elizabeth Taylor's stunning collection of jewels.  The oblong-shaped rock is inset into a thick ribbed band.  Rock of commitment: Angelina Jolie sports the $250,000 engagement ring designed by partner Brad Pitt and jeweller Robert Procop which took 12 months  The 36-year-old actress was spotted wearing the ring on her wedding finger at the Chinese Art collection at the LA C

Angelina Jolie Mastectomy

Celebrities are great they bring awareness, but also there are millions of woman out there that are average woman like me. Be great if the media spoke about them as well.  I think Angelina is fantastic. Angelina Jolie is set to make her first post-mastectomy appearance on the red carpet. According to E! News, the Oscar-winning actress will accompany fiance Brad Pitt at the premiere of his upcoming film, 'World War Z,' on Sunday, the New York Daily News reported. Jolie, who underwent a double mastectomy to reduce her genetic odds of breast cancer, has kept a low profile since revealing her decision, by turning down interview requests and avoiding media attention.

Breast Cancer, dating and men

Relationships are supposed to be easy. I will say they should be. I like the romance and the voyage of getting to know someone. Men and woman are a little confused these days and are unsure of what lies ahead. I say a great connection, someone who makes you laugh and understands you. I am not going to say you must have common interests as that requires a little give and take. When your body goes through lots of surgeries and there are mental scars, that is obvious but then its the physical side as well. I am pretty eager to have my surgeries over and I thought they would be. I have one more to go. I am dealing with this side really well, the men do not seem to mind and my boobs look great considering what they have been through. I thought at 50 I would be settling down, but it is a test of time and finding the right person to settle down with. The voyage continues and I am very happy about my future and very excited what might happen next. The last few relationships were not fo

Sharon Osbourne to front cancer campaign

Sharon Osbourne is fronting a "vital" breast cancer campaign just one year on from having a preventative double mastectomy. The former X Factor judge, who suffered from colon cancer, has teamed up with her daughter Kelly for this year's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign which launches on Monday. The Osbourne duo will be joined on billboards nationwide by designer Pearl Lowe and her model daughter Daisy. The famous mother and daughter pairings are urging the public to "Wear Your Support" and buy something from the campaign's collection. Funds will be raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer through the sale of specially designed products from high street shops. Osbourne underwent a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she carried the BRCA gene which increases the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 85%, and said she wants people to "embrace" this campaign. "Every year Fashion Targets Breast Cancer uni