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DEJA vu Or is it Cancer nightmare

DEJA vu That feeling that you get when you appear somewhere that you don't know you have been before. But something tells you, you have been here before but you know you haven't.  Same same but different - First cancer diagnosis was a blurrrr 24 petrified and not sure what's going to happen in this 8 weeks I have to live with stage 4 cancer. Wow go figure. So I manage to bury it deep as I can to avoid it. Oh don't get me wrong I can absolutely go back there. I found an old diary where I logged how I was feeling and it was very dark and dusty indeed. But what gets you through the whole deal is that you don't know what's going to happen. Well is that a good or a bad thing.  Ok then it becomes something buried and it's buried deep. Because in this life its laugh or cry! Well as you can image if I start to cry it will be 40 days and 40 nights. Then I will have to call Noah's Ark and we will be going 2 by 2. I think you know what I mean. Argghhh  So 19 ye

Madonna quote of the day

“Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep.” – Madonna #madonna #music #quoteoftheday  Madonna we have grown up with her and her fantastic music. Iconic legend 

Quote of the day Marilyn Monroe

As you can see I love my quotes, after all we have to be inspired. #marilynmonroe #kennedy #huffingtonpost #newyorktimes

Mastectomy - You tube

When the doctors use words we kind of understand but we don't know the reality. One of my surgeons a lady in gosford Central Coast. Didn't like to explain just screamed at me read!!! Throwing brochures in my face. Yep so lots of things I didn't know and lots of things I wish I had known. I am going to share this U tube on the difference between. Lumpectomies, single mastectomy and double mastectomy. It's great it gives you a little insight. I didn't get told about going home with the drains. It just would have been nice to know all the facts. Mastectomy  is the removal of the whole breast. There are five different types of  mastectomy : "simple" or "total"  mastectomy , modified radical  mastectomy , radical  mastectomy , partial  mastectomy , and subcutaneous (nipple-sparing)  mastectomy . #lumpectomy #mastectomy #drains #cancer Here we go: hope this helps

Lady Diana - 20 year anniversary of her death.

I am by no means a royalist! However I have always loved Princess Diana and all the wonderful things she has done for her charities. September marks 20 years since she has been gone. Gone but not forgotten. The young princes have done an amazing job honouring their mother, she would be so proud. I just love watching them support and stand up for their gorgeous mother Princess Diana who coped a whole bunch of sad and unusual publicity. But looking at today, William and Harry are wonderful sons. I thought I would share news from the nineties. I think we can all remember where we were and exactly what we were doing on that very sad day of Princess Diana's death. What a true princess of hearts, she touched many and continues to touch many. #newyorktimes #princessdiana #williamandkate #harry #royalfamily

Grieving process when your diagnosed with a life threatening disease

You know how they say moving house is the second highest stress besides death and divorce. Yep we have all moved house and it's pretty up there. Doesn't matter how organised you are, that last few hours seems like one of those horror movies where the hall way seems to get longer and longer but it really didnt look that long in the first place. Think we may all relate to that one! Well being diagnosed with a life threatening illness is a terrible shock. There is a greiving process that takes place just like a divorce or death. All the people that I met with cancer and other disease has this same experience. Denial - no way this can't be happening they have made a mistake. Anger - omg! Are you kidding me stage 4 cancer 8 weeks to live.... I am 24 only! Bargaining - oh wow what the hell, what can I do fly get a miracle cure. Depression - ok that's it you win! I am outta here, I won't let you take me I will take myself. I can't do this it's way to hard. Ac

Angelina Jole - Health Issues latest news Admire Angelina's courage of sharing helps others. Angelina Jole is a great inspiration sharing to help others. #washingtonpost #news #angelinajole #health

Quote of the day - Adele

I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears - Adele  #adele #music #musiccantlivewithoutit #iamstillawoman

Angelina Jole Cancer gene decisions Angelina a great role model for decisions about cancer and cancer genes. #utube #doublemastectomy #angelinajole #breastcaner #preventionbetterthancure

War of body parts what's left? Cancer journey

It's funny when your young you can't wait to up grow up. Now I am trying not to get old. Can't win! Let's see now a woman has lots of organs, yep they will age and shutdown. But what happens when they are surgically removed. I can't tell you how many tears, how much frustration goes into saying goodbye to any body parts let alone the ones that make you a woman. Breasts removed 4.4 kg donated to science lost them both. Only one had cancer. Difficult decision, almost impossible. Uterus both ovaries as well 500 grams. Also donated to science. I really hope this helped someone.  Thinking about it I have turned into a male nothing left. Well not quiet but nearly. Had surgeries I have never heard of. I thought hysterectomy took everything out. Nope  oophorectomy - removal of the ovaries.  sounds like a terrible disease. Yep it's all gone. The beauty of all of this is I still look like a woman and I am still a woman. Just without 3/4 of the parts. Now that's a

Michael Douglas Cancer Survivor

What an actor. I think he shines in all different ways. An amazing actor, father and husband. But it doesn't stop there. A cancer Survivor -  Catherine Zeta Jones is and was a very supporting wife. The media did show us how much she was hurting! I just love this quote  #cancersurvivor #michaeldouglas #actor #movestar #hollywood “Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet.” –  Michael Douglas ( Emmy and Oscar Winning Actor)

Cancer quote Ingrid Bergman

“Time is shortening. But every day that I challenge this cancer and survive is a victory for me.” – Ingrid Bergman  (Oscar Winning Actress) #ingridbergman #celebrity #sharingiscaring #survivor 

Marilyn Monroe quote of the day

Quote of the day “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe  #marilynmonroe #standout #makelifefantastic #facebook 

The Devil can't kill Graham Richardson

Richo - 60 minutes always surprises me. Bone cancer I don't know much about. But like all Cancers it can be deadly. Lots of body parts lost here. A will to live that's inspiring. He is amazing. Amanda his second wife is amazing. Darcy the son is a delight. Monday morning appearances on the today show with Lisa Wilkinson. She is even amazed. What a spirit. Good on you Richo I love to share these stories to give everyone help and hope. You can never have enough hope. #richo #bonecancer #politics #dailytelegraph #today From his own mouth the devil can't kill me. Awesome man.

Eels Great Brett Kelly Cancer shock I am the biggest Eels supporter ever! Love my team. Sending out alot of love to the Kenny family at this time. Footy legend and star Brett Kenny. Saw you on the local Sydney news. I wear your parramatta eels jersey with pride. #lymphomia #eels #cancer #dailytelegraph #brettkenny #tennews

Anal Cancer Farrah Fawcett,amp.html Anal Cancer one of those cancers that you don't hear much about. However we lost Farah Fawcett at just 62 years old. She was amazing in Charlie's Angels and those pin ups of her were everywhere in the 80's. Married to the six million dollar man Steve Austin. I think the Farrah hair is as a style we all tried. Remember the 80's big hair.  She was diagnosed in 2006. Sadly deceased I think research has gone along way since then. I have noticed in my 2 battles that technology is getting smarter and smarter. Which means we can find all these Cancers earlier. They are much easier to go to war with in early stages. #farrahfawcett #analcancer #charliesangels #celebritydeath

Anyone can be hit with Breast Cancer

Celebrities have also been left  with some big Cancer decisions. Like me Christine applegate chose to have a double mastectomy opting for surgery later. Left breast only.  But had both off. Angelina Jole had the cancer gene so she opted for double mastectomy. Jane Mcgrath had a single mastectomy sadly deceased. But her memory lives on through the Jane McGrath foundation. Which these days is a multi million dollar empire. Kerri-Ann Kennerley also in 2012. Olivia Newton John also Anyone can get Breast Cancer but I think celebrity status brings awareness. When you see it in your face on TV it certainly brings it home it's anyone. #christinaapplegate #angelinajole #kerriannekennerley # janmcgrathfoundation #jenesforgenesday

Jeans for genes day 4 August 2017

Menu Donate  Login ABOUT US  GET INVOLVED  MERCHANDISE  BANK YOUR FUNDS RESOURCES  EVENTS  What is Jeans for Genes? Jeans for Genes is the iconic fundraising campaign of  Children’s Medical Research Institute . Each year, Australians unite by wearing their favourite jeans and outdoing each other with crazy denim outfits, and donating money or purchasing merchandise, to support genetic research. On the first Friday in August each year workplaces, schools and streets become a sea of denim in a united stance against childhood disease. Every dollar raised on the day helps scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Such a great cause and it's that time again.  #jeansforgenesday #denimfriday #cancerresearch #genes #august #facebook #hopeforjosh

Hope for Josh, childhood Cancer

There is a little boy that's needs some help. My friend Cheri likes this little man and he is on a battle, local Canberra family and featured in the Canberra times. Please pass this on. Sharing information helps so many people. Friday 4 th August is Jeans for genes day.  It's a fabulous cause. Thank you #canberratimes #hopeforjosh #braincancer #jeansforgenesday #facebook #iamstillawoman Please read the clip from the Canberra times below

Bucket list - to do or not to do one.

Some people have one and some people don't. If you want to see a great movie with Morgan Freeman  and Jack Nicholson on bucket lists this is it. Called of course ' the bucket list' A very funny spin on to have it or not. I have one and maybe every survivor of a sickness or disaster has too. It's funny it's getting longer and longer! Maybe I will have to live to 107 to do it all. But that's ok, because maybe I don't want it to ever be finished. Maybe I will be one of those little old ladies still trying to get through it with no teeth a walker and glasses like the bottom of the beer bottle, one things for sure on this life I will not go any where with out a fight. None of us will. We have to will to survive. That's a great thing! You know that saying what doesn't kill you makes for stronger. I think I am mad of steel. #willtolive #bucketlist #dyingnotanoption #needmoretime

Cancer will I go broke!

When I was younger for my first cancel battle at 24. Just kept working and just kept showing up when I could. Years later 43 second cancer battle. The focus was on getting well. Work was something that I couldn't get my head around. Face to face marketing you need to look and feel good. I felt like the Adams's family uncle Fester! Lovely bald head,  no eyebrows,  no eyelashes and lovely grey circles under my eyes. Weird coloured skin that used to look ok. Geezzz is this really happening. Well we need money to pay bills, medical debt, children's things, food and just most things require money! But with so many surgeries ahead of me, chemo and no one tells you that your body parts like your arms will go extremely weak after these surgeries. That the recovery time would be longer than you planned. That you couldn't probably get back to work and normal things for a bit longer. So between surgeries I had 3 months off at a time. Well how do we get that body working again. A

Cancer am I a pin cushion

I used to have a needle phobia, as anyone know with any disease not just cancer, the tests go on and on. I remember when a lovely new nurse broke the needle in my arm. I had the greatest bruise known to man all the way up my arm. Black and blue. Then as the days pass it becomes yellow and then just keeps fading, Not only the blood tests but also the extra stuff that happens along the way. I sometimes still look at my arms and see the little continuous scars. Whilst the body is a great healer. Maybe something's we can't hide. I can honestly say not that I like pain at all. My pain threshold has grown a lot. In the beginning I had to turn my head not to watch the needle or how many viles of my own blood were leaving. So yep I have conquered my needle phobia. I love when they say there will be a little sting..... ouchhhh What a horrible way to get over a fear. But gee I think now after all these years I have actually nailed it. But I also will avoid needles if I can, I am seriou

MasterChef Finale congrats Diana Chan

Well I have watched MasterChef now every season.  When I was down and out with surgery time off. I watched MasterChef., I was very lucky 4 years ago when the very famous Tailor John Cutler took me to George's Pressroom restaurant in Melbourne wow what a treat, we got to meet george and he is the same exactly as he is on TV. Tiny little personality. My favourite this season was Brian. But when he got taken off it was Ben Ungermann. Congrats on second Ben Ungermann. Congrats to Diana Chan. Well deserved. Our very own Julie Goodwin is on the central coast and it's a celebrity. Radio star on 104.5 star FM. She runs Julie's house. I love seeing the success stories of Masterchef. Oh no what am I going to watch now. #cooking #tv #facebook #dianachan #benungermann #masterchef #juliegoodwin

Chemotherapy the war of the body

It's a toxic medicine. But it may guarantee your survival. Or what it puts your body through it could be just that the end. I have had to have chemotherapy twice, that's too many times I may tell you. May 1989 then again November 2008. Chemotherapy is really hard. The second time as I knew I would be going I panicked. It took half an hour to get that cannula in my arm. I had tensed up so much it wouldn't go in my arm. Oh dear! Then the nurse yelling at me relax....relax! Sure that was really helpful. The cancer ward is depressing enough but then that. Wow. My first chemo saw me at George the 5 th Camperdown Sydney. It's a long time ago. Every Friday admitted in for 24 hours. I all of a sudden I hated Friday. Saturday for me was a relief like no other. I used to run with the little strength I had. 2nd time Gosford District hospital in gosford. Times had changed then it was a half day visit only! Thank goodness I didn't want to be in there for an extra minute I

For the love of surviving

Survivors there are many! All have fought some sort of battle. It could be Cancer, death, breakups, any disease, PTSD. I am going through this at the moment with my sister, PTSD what is it? Can anyone give me some advice on how to help her? It's been a scarey ride and it seems to all begin with anxiety! This is a very difficult thing to watch someone you love go through it. Like any disease it's effects everyone around her. Mental health is a really hard thing to treat. I guess like everything unless you go through it. It's near impossible to understand. Things go really well for awhile then some upstettimg event seems to over power her! I feel very sorry for her as I love her so much. I would love anyone going through this to give me advice. Families are precious like gems. You never want to see someone you adore suffering. #iamstillawoman #disease #familyiseverything #PTSD #Fear #savemysister

Didn't see that coming Or did I

Mondays are definitely the hardest day of the week. Here I am showered and resting in bed. So much to do but so little desire to do it. After a fabulous weekend with my bestie Zu, it's totally back to reality. Woollomooloo Sydney is a fantastic weekend away. Fantastic Restaurants, award winning. Whilst having chemotherapy Zu took me to I think nearly everyone, Kingsley steak house and Arki's are our favourites. The food and service is divine. The apartments there look out onto the navy ships or where Zu lives all the very expensive yachts. As you know Russell Crowe and John Laws live down there. What a great place. If you coming to Sydney you need to go there, why is it a work day. I could have easlily stayed with Zu all week. Central coast is always backward to Sydney. We have so much to learn here. Truth is I did see Monday Coming but I am still in denial that I have to go to work. Please can I win the lottery. Have a great day and I am sure I am not the only one going to w

Five balls keep the cash $50,000 handy finance

 Five balls keep the cash $50,000 handy finance  when I won the competition nobody told me that I had to keep five balls at further distances in ANZ Stadium in front of 30,000 people however I did my best five failures yes that's right I didn't know I got one ball to the states and that was a miracle but I had fun and 30,000 people cheered me on another great day #FunNewSouthWalesUpForTheHandyFinanceCashPrizeSadlyNo #iamstillawoman #nrl #kickforcash

Lost in translation again

Zuni Wilding thinks I need a translater in order to arrive at the eels vs the Tigers game at Olympic park. Homebush Sydney. .  As i thought we were going to St george versus sea eagles game. After consulting maps and searching of google plus. We are 2 hours early our out game, hope the weather holds out. Still happy, still excited dreading the Sydney train ride back. #olympicpark #chairmanslounge #sportsbet #gotheeels Zuni is searching cheap flights from Homebush to kings cross. Looks like it will be #uber #cheapflughts # taxi #anywayhomenotrain. It's not the destination it's always the journey to get there.

Atomic Blondes Olympic Park Stadium

#olympicparkstadiumsydney #nrl #stadium #seaeagles #beautifulweathersydney #mwmoriesofcathyfreemansgold #sogladiamstillawoman #sohappycancersurvivor #sohappyalive 

Footy fever heading to Olympic Park Sydney - go the dragons 🐉

I wonderful days at the footy and the NRL players always support making dreams come true. Knights player Trent Hodkinson escorts terminally ill Hannah Rye to school formaL.  I love the spirit on NRL they are working for woman's equality and always supporting cancer in children and any supporter. They always make a difference for those cancer sufferers.  Zuni and I are footy fever and so dam excited for the dragons game ahead. This is one of my sons team. What a sunny glorious day, for forty fever  #sport #fitness #inspiration  #communityseevice #inspiration #cancer

The gates of Babylon beggars celebrities and 2 atomic blondes

 Divine meal at Arkie is on Woolloomooloo finger wharf #DivineBlackDollCreamyAndBeautifulTandooriPlatterUnbelievableAndWhoWalksPastButRussellCrowe #TheGladiatorAndMarciaHines #PopIdolAmazingSingerGenerousHumanBeingBeautifulAt70 Loving What a great night. Everything from celebrities to the poor and to the average. Saw Them all #marciahines had the worst fake hair but a lovely person. #russellcrowe shorter than I thought but so awesome #sydney #cancersurvivior Y

Atomic Blondes at Arkis restaurant Woollomooloo Sydney

Girlfriends out on the town at the finger wharf. Having a fabulous dinner with a friend I have been through everything with. She is my rock and my confident! Stay tuned for the menu I have quail on the mind! #sydney #woolloomooloo #finedining #sistawife #ninamccurley #cancersurvivor #chemo

After dark sister wife Woolloomooloo Sydney

During my second cancer journey my friend Zuni Wilding  Picked me up from Central Station I desperately wanted to keep my gorgeous long shiny sleek blonde hair and my hairdresser and Zuni were encouraging me to cut it short I persisted with my long locks. Zu picks me up in her Saab sports car roof down feeling fabulous jumped in with my hat on. And we are driving from Central Station to Potts point to the hairdresser and suddenly Zu new screamed I huge lock of my hair had fallen off in the wind and had fallen into the car it was then I realised  that I was not going to be the half of 1% that kept their hair.  That afternoon I lived up to my nickname bubbles with no hair a glass of champagne and fat tears I realised that cancer was such a cruel and unusual disease the treatment tears strips you of all your femininity and beauty that was only temporarily as a five year survivor I'm happy to say my body has restored and I am in great health. I write this for every other woman going

Cancer - debt loosing everything

I have always been a hard worker and there we go! Material things you have worked your arss off to get. All of a sudden it's way to hard to hang onto! Not working no money huge cancer debt. Loising everything I have worked for and my great credit rating is torn to pieces. I had 3 properties in 2007 doing great. I was proud hard working single mother, 3 jobs 3 properties and 3 kids. Do you think I had a thing for the number 3, you maybe be right, Well the banks start hassling you monthly. Then it turns to weekly then in a horror of a second. The sheriff served me a notice to say they would take everything in 21 days. It's really hard to refinance with no job even harder when you are behind. So then I kick into some sort of madness mode. I was between crazy and resentful. Fire sale on all my properties, once those dam real estate agents know your desperate your life turns into a zombie apocalypse. Stupid offers telling me to take them. I really lost the plot. What was left no

Dear Diary

Hi everyone, what is amazing me above all, is still going through this diary of where my head was during this terrible time. Tests, diagnosis, surgery, coping, broke, going mad. Yesterday was the anniversary of my mothers death. Ovarian cancer and that dreaded cancer gene. She passed away at just 53 that's my age next birthday and no one with this gene has lived past 53. That's me I have to break the curse. My mother was a gorgeous soul so full of vitality and caring as. She would give you the shirt off her back. Be kind to people she said. Treat people the way that you would like to be treated. That's a short life. I wish she was here and I wish she could see what I see. You know my eldest son has mums eyes. While he is here mum will never be gone. Mothers are beautiful. Ovarian cancer is a silent killer I hope in time they manage to be able to prevent this terrible disease. #cancer #ovariancancer #breastcancwr # deardiary #hope

Your not alone but it feels like it

Cancer it's like a hideous nightmare. When do you wake up and it's ok. The hard part about that life is  a test, I think we all now someone whom is fighting this battle right now! Or been through it with friends or loved ones. You will survive or die. So this makes everyone think the worst. The word Cancer is so scarey I even think that people that say big 'C' even that's scarey. Don't be alone find a happy place. Mine was a rock at Terrigal skillion NSW Australia, if you get a chance look it up. A rock by the sea. I spent many hours there just in a daze. Breathing in the beautiful breeze and talking myself into surviving. It's hard to tell people how scared you really are because they panic and tend to make this a lot worse. They don't mean it, it's just what people do to save themselves I think. Baby steps I took Day by day only doing what I could when I could. Through my chemotherapy there were 2 sessions on that day. I made sure I did something e

Family history cancer through the generations

When you go to the doctor they will ask! Have you had cancer in the family? My answer was 'yes' sadly. The interesting thing is it's on my grandfathers side. The family gene goes back along way. But back then did they know what they know now. Technology is good especially in the sickness, prevention and saving lives.  So what does this all mean. In our family it's the first girl in every generation. My sisters were clear but we tested everyone to be sure. If your concerned this is you,  get a professor to check out the the family. We did a group of tests all blood tests and formatted a family tree. It's great for generations of the future and for family members to use. They also freeze some of the blood and periodically check as they are also finding new gene technology. It's remarkable how much they know now. #genes #jeansforgenesday #familycancer #genemutation Whilst it doesn't change my future it's a great resource for my family.

Breast Cancer - males

Breast cancer in men is a rare disease. Less than 1% of all breast cancers occur in men. In 2017, about 2,470 men are expected to be diagnosed with the disease. For men, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000. You may be thinking: Men don't have breasts, so how can they get breast cancer? The truth is that boys and girls, men and women all have breast tissue. The various hormones in girls' and women's bodies stimulate the breast tissue to grow into full breasts. Boys' and men's bodies normally don't make much of the breast-stimulating hormones. As a result, their breast tissue usually stays flat and small. Still, you may have seen boys and men with medium-sized or big breasts. Usually these breasts are just mounds of fat. But sometimes men can develop real breast gland tissue because they take certain medicines or have abnormal hormone levels. Because breast cancer in men is rare, few cases are available to study. Most s

Cancer the mind game!

Cancer and the mind games. I found my diary from the start to the end. I can't believe what a dark place I was in. I think I actually had to shut my brain down not to have a total nervous breakdown. I actually thought about killing myself to avoid having to cope. The first cancer battle was stage 4, I was only 24 then at 43 again to face this distructive battle. I found myself in such a bad place. Looking at my gorgeous 3 boys playing ball outside I was really trying to cope. I actually thought about jumping off a balconey to end the war in my mind. I would never ever imagine I could be that scared. Took me 3 days to get the courage to tell my children. I will never forget that awful day it's a thing that haunts me still today! The mind plays you in such a bad way. Then we of course you have to cope with all the emotions of friends and family. I think I pretended to be so stronge that I nearly turned into a tin man, frightened to show my emotions or to be weak. Cancer,  i

To nipple or not too nipple - dilemma

Because I am single I decided to nipple! The thought of no nipples was hard. Everyone told me they don't work. But me I had to have them. $10.000 upfront payment Wow 😳 My friend grew them under her arm hers were a lot more expensive! Go figure they are so expensive, Firstly I was going to keep the old and transplant them. I had some so why pay for it? But the cancer cells can be in them so it has to be ta ta, Ok they break your rib and use that to do surgery. Without this they apparently disappear! So I decided let's break my rib. It's not like I am not scarred all over anyway. What's another faulty body part. Ever cracked a rib ouch it hurts.... but it passes. Well got well went to Avoca beach in my cossie. Feeling pretty happy I was sort of back together and not a barbie doll with scars. Sitting there with friends I looked down and one was gone. You can't imagine the horror when I scream out where is my nipple to the girls??? Stupidly we start loo

Sex in the suburbs - dating after mastectomy

My favourite show is sex in the city. It's a laugh and we can all relate to our friends being one or all of these dynamic ladies. Now let's turn to sex in the suburbs. That's what we have to call this adventure of explaining to men how many body parts are missing! You can tell I am single right!!! Well now the fun begins, women tell you that men won't date you like that?? What do you mean like that I say!! Oh yeah no boobs well smaller firm ones. I see won't they! ???? Guess what I think the damage in my head is that only in my head! Because I have not had any man not date me because of this. Don't get me wrong I run hide and turn lights out! I am really trying to hide but then I came to the true realisation that it doesn't matter! Ladies it's ok! It's all ok I promise say yes to that date. Relationships are good. I don't think we are meant to be alone. #sexinthecity #facebook #iamstillawoman #cancer #willnotloosefeminity https://yo

Breast Cancer no mercy - Stuart Diver looses second wife - so sad Even someone that has suffered a great deal once already. Lost his second wife to this dreadful disease. I watched 60 minutes this week if you haven't seen it yet. See it. Breast cancer we are fighting back. Any changes to breast please go to your doctor. It may be nothing! #stuartdiver #thredbodisaster #breastcancer #facebook #iamstillawoman

Fear & Cancer

You know I still get afraid of this operation. 5 operations $64,000 debt cancer battle and and loosing 3 properties and my whole life. 2017 paid the debt off, omg that was just the best feeling. I have gone without so much to be here. It worked. This year on my 52 nd birthday I finally did it.  I bought a house again. Would you believe that finally all the debt collectors and the bad credit rating is over.  Wow I am so proud that the pheonix rises from the ashes again.  New start a lot was lost in this battle.  I think I nearly lost my mind, not sure it's come back but I am working hard again,  What an achievement I didn't know I had it in me, You have it in you too. We can do this ..., #janemcgrathfoundation #cancer #help #breasrcancer

9 years after second Cancer battle

2017 near my 9 year anniversary, feeling very well. Have packed on quiet a bit of weight. I realise as weight increases Estrogen. I have to loose this. I have lost my motivation but I need to get it back. So scars have faded a lot, not sure that the mental ones will ever go, but we move on. The challenge is to try to be the same. I still have no feeling in my chest. Some get it back and some don't. I guess it would be back by now if it was going to come back. Life versus vanity I chose life and I am so happy to be here. So proud of woman like me, the survivors are truly survivors #iamstillawoman #facebook #cancer #scared #survivor