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Quote of the day - John C Maxwell

QUOTE OF THE DAY"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C Maxwell #quoteoftheday #quote #iamstillawoman #johncmaxwell 

Doctor comes out of retirement to save me! Cancer

When your doctor says to you. I have never seen this before. I have to refer you but the gentleman is in retirement so we will have to see if he takes your case. Ohhhh yeah, now I am having a melt down.
1988 the cave man era. The tests weren't as accurate. Comparing to today it's Caveman for sure. Not quiet back to where they carved into stone but maybe not that long after. Sorry I hope you are having a little giggle. At this stage traumatic is probably what I was feeling back then, but now I am proud of my journey...
So Doctor Jock Murray 80 years old comes out of retirement to take my case. He was a tall man a clever man also but not much personality. He was a straight shooter, now I would like that but back then I was I between wanting to love him and hate him. Everyone needs different things from a doctor, but me the 24 year old country girl married for just 3 years and bought my first home. I actually thought I had it all and I did, except now lost my baby at 19.5 weeks …

Cancer denial help!

The first battle of my life. Stage 4 with 8 weeks to live. 24 years old and the biggest princess πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ you will ever find that is and was me, atleast I stay that way! How I will never ever know.
So the doctors surgery calls me you need come in now, I am like yeah I am going away for the week. Come in when I get back. I need a break. This is 1988 the 80's
Omg she said doctor said come in now...... ummm ok mum was with me so I said to her. Let's go. Silly me why on earth did I take my mum. I was silly didn't give it a second thought.
Ok so we drive to Gosford. I was living at Narara, it's like a 5 minute drive.
Get into the doctors at Hill street medical. My Doctor - Doctor Catt. A tall slender man, glasses and a very clever man.
He sits across the desk from mum and I.
Nina we have a problem and I haven't seen this before, you have Cancer! I am like WTF what do you mean. Your baby died because the tumour took over!
Holly molly what is he saying to me. Looked at mum i…

The body is an amazing healer!

Ok so we are made up of a lot of amazing things. It's truly a miracle.
The body is able to heal. It's made that way. The first cancer battle I was only 24 so I just kept on working and doing everything possible. Maybe this was also to keep me busy so I wasn't thinking, the second time wow what a blow that was 43. I decided that I would rest lots. No work just healing. The best healing for me was just sleep. If I was tired. That was it. I would take a nap. Sometimes I was in and out of bed all day. That's ok that's my way of helping my body to heal. But that can take its toll as well, not leaving the house for me I figured would be deadly. So I made a pact with myself. Every day I will leave the house even if it's only 10 minutes. A walk to the corner store, a sit on the beach or catching up with friends, I tried every week to get out for a lunch. New Year's Eve everyone was excited to go out as we always do. Me I was like who cares this year. But you know …

So what is stage 4 cancer?

These stages indicate larger cancers or tumors that have grown more deeply into nearby tissue. They may have also spread to lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body. Stage IV. This stage means that the cancer has spread to other organs or parts of the body.

What does it mean by grade? 
Cancer grading 
Grade. The grade describes how much cancer cells look like healthy cells under a microscope. It also helps predict how quickly the cancer will spread. A tumor with cells that look more like healthy cells is called well-differentiated or low-grade. A tumor with cells that look less like healthy cells is described as poorly differentiated, undifferentiated, or high-grade. Different types of cancer have different methods to assign a cancer grade. Stage 4 means the cancer has spread from where it started to another body organ. This is also called secondary or metastatic cancer Sometimes doctors use the letters A, B or C to further divide the number categories. For example, stage 3B cervica…

Cancer and sisterly love ❤️

I am the eldest of 3 girls. I have the cancer gene. Go figure I would be the one to get that. But on the flip side. Yep I got it. Thank goodness my sisters didn't get it. Before we found out they were clear, it was a big worry for them. As it would be.
My sisters have supported me through this battle and always been buy my side through my ordeal,  this weekend I am heading to the country to my home town. That is Goulburn, it's in the southern highlands one hour from Canberra, I am so excited to see my Dad and great family time.
Family and friends do take a cancer blow badly as well. They are a ultimate support through life and everyday things. Excitement and sharing hard times is what that back up is all about. I have the best back up system in the world. Family is so important.
On Dads side my Nan lived to 100 and 3 weeks. My Yia Yia which is on my mums side is 87 and a trooper. She still cooks for 20 people and does her own gardening, she loves roses 🌹 I have always admire…

Rhubarb - the vegetable no one talks about

Going back to my house at Narara 27 years ago. My lovely neighbour Elenore used to call me and pass me rhubarb straight from the garden. Not being an adventurous cook back then. I had no clue what to do with it. So I gave it away. It was a bitter vegetable maybe that I didn't understand. These days with my youngest son I have became a gourmet cooks. We have cook ups all the time and make lovely dishes. Where are you now Elenore. With age maybe comes wisdom. Lol πŸ˜‚ or maybe not.  However during Chemotherapy that little rhubarb story came to heart. As Amanda was saying to eat red things. Well guess what - rhubarb is great. How did I give that away time and time again.  It's good for you.  #rhubarb #vegetables #cancer #iamstillawoman #neighbours #cooking #jamieolivee 
What do I do with Rhubarb?  Rhubarb, like cranberries, can add a tart zing to a smoothie, and if you puree the vegetable, it can be added to a margarita as well. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver suggests making a jam by slici…

2018 the settling and excitement

This year marks the 10 th year of my anniversary of my second cancer battle. October the 8 th the double mastectomy anniversary, yay. Wow what an amazing trip. Helping others and being here is the best. This year we cancer survivors celebrate together.
You may remember the sadness of all the gorgeous ladies that we met and didn't survive the battle. 18 gorgeous souls in our memories. But the 5 survivors of our group stay in touch, sharing memories and laughter, also shared a scarey ride. Mateship on this battle is a must. People who understand the way you feel.
I am very excited to report we all feel wonderful and grateful. Life is simple not hard. It's a little roller coaster ride at times. That is life in all its glory.
#iamstillawoman #happiness #survivor #wegotthis

Quote of the day - Dale Carnegie

"Act enthusiastic and you will be ENTHUSIASTIC." - Dale Carnegie
Dale Carnegie the author of how to win friends and influence people. A great book. 
I like Dale's style 
#dalecarneigie #life #quoteoftheday #enthusiastic #iamstillawoman  

Quote of the day - Rosa Parks

QUOTE OF THE DAY"I have Learned Over the Years that When One's MIND IS MADE UP... this Diminishes FEAR." - Rosa Parks Perfect quote for everyone today #nofear #iamstillawoman #quoteoftheday #quote

Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave

This is from the movie Madagascar! I think we can all relate some days.  Thought it may bring a smile and laugh to your day, it certainly did for me. #iamstillawoman #madasgar #needalaugh #fun 

Vulvar Cancer the symptoms

Vulvar cancer symptoms Women with the precancerous condition vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) often do not experience any symptoms. Sometimes they may complain of persistent itching, or they may notice a patch that is thicker and lighter than the surrounding skin. In some cases, the patch may be red or pink, or even darker than the surrounding area. Women with invasive forms of the disease often experience vulvar cancer symptoms, such as: A red, pink or white bump(s) that has a raw or wart-like surfaceA white area that feels roughPersistent itchingPain, or a burning feeling while urinatingBleeding and discharge not associated with menstruationAn open sore or ulcer that lasts more than a month  Women with the verrucous carcinoma subtype of squamous cell vulvar cancer may notice a cauliflower-like growth similar to a genital wart. Bartholin gland cancer is usually associated with a lump on either side of the opening to the vagina, although this may also be a simple cyst. Women wit…

Chemotherapy from 50's till now

A little bit of chemotherapy history. Those of you that like me have been through it in 1980's and 2008 would certainly see the difference #iamstillawoman #chemotherapy #changes #technology  During World War II, naval personnel who were exposed to mustard gas during military action were found to have toxic changes in the bone marrow cells that develop into blood cells. During that same period, the US Army was studying a number of chemicals related to mustard gas to develop more effective agents for war and also develop protective measures. In the course of that work, a compound called nitrogen mustard was studied and found to work against a cancer of the lymph nodes called lymphoma. This agent served as the model for a long series of similar but more effective agents (called alkylating agents) that killed rapidly growing cancer cells by damaging their DNA. Not long after the discovery of nitrogen mustard, Sidney Farber of Boston demonstrated that aminopterin, a compound related t…

Quote of the day - Dalai Lama

Change in the world always begins with an individual who shares what he or she has learned and passes it on to others.
Dalai Lama
#sharing #dalailama #quoteoftheday #quote #iamstillawoman

Cancer - It's not easy being green especially if your a vegetable

Green vegetables to eat in a cancer battle or not too eat.
Well along with my great Chemotherapy and let's build the body up. My friend Gilda who actually has just come back from India and turned into a fruitarian. Told me increase those greens it's really good for your body.
So I did and along with with her great advice. I did some research.
Popular Leafy Greens to Add to Your Anti-Cancer DietArugula, endive, and other delicate lettucesRomaine lettuceSwiss chardSpinachKaleParsleyCollard, mustard, and beet greensDark leafy green vegetables are bursting with carotenoids, folate, chlorophyll, and fiber. These compounds help stop or slow the growth of some forms of cancer. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium – dozens of antioxidants that battle and remove free radicals from your body.  The benefits of leafy greensaffect your entire body in positive ways.  #beans #peas #brocoli #spinach #kale #anticancer #survivor #iamstillawoman #greenvegies

Green V…

Stephen Fry comedian ~ Prostate Cancer

'Aggressive little bugger': Stephen Fry reveals prostate cancer diagnosis – video Play Video 2:30 Comedian reveals in a video message shared on Twitter that he has had surgical treatment for the disease. Stephen Fry has prostate cancer He said he had visited his doctor for a flu jab, but that a full health check revealed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were high. An MRI scan confirmed that he had cancer. Fry was offered the option of radiotherapy, “a long and difficult process”, or having his prostate removed. He chose to have surgery and has since been recovering.He said he had visited his doctor for a flu jab, but that a full health check revealed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were high. An MRI scan confirmed that he had cancer. Fry was offered the option of radiotherapy, “a long and difficult process”, or having his prostate removed. He chose to have surgery and has since been recovering.

Egypt - my travel bug addiction new findings in 2017

Well in the mist of bucket lists and greatest friendships. Ann and I are ready to head on our 3 Rd adventure this year but first. Let's go back to 2005 Ann, my youngest son Branden and I set for a trip. This is after my first cancer and before my second, I guess I never ever even entered my mind that I would have a second battle.
Ok so April 2005 2 NSW girls and an 11 year old boy go on a big adventure one of the places we would go is of course Egypt.
Can I tell you we arrived in Egypt late afternoon. Our first amazing night would be at the night light show at Cairo. In the shuttle bus on the way I saw the pyramids come up over the back of Ann and Brando's head I yelled in delight, look guys they both turned their heads quick as. To the reaction of mouths dropped we all saw this amazing background of pyramids. You think pinch me I am here and I made it. As these new findings come up. It's quiet close to my heart. Hope you don't mind if I share these. Brando turned 12 …

RIP Emma Chambers sad loss at 53

Emma Chambers, The Vicar of Dibley actor, dies aged 53
FILE - In this file photo dated April 27, 1999, British actress Emma Chambers on the des carpet in London. The actress known for her roles in TV series "The Vicar of Dibley" and the movie "Notting Hill", Chambers has died of natural causes at the age of 53, according to an announcement from her agent John Grant, Saturday Feb. 24, 2018. (Peter Jordan/PA FILE via AP)

Dawn French, who worked with the comedy star, described her as a ‘unique and beautiful sparkEmma Chambers, best known for playing Alice Tinker in The Vicar of Dibley, has died aged 53, it was announced on Saturday. She also captured international attention for her supporting role in the 1999 Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts comedy Notting Hill.In the movie, she plays Honey, Hugh Grant’s little sister and the romantic interest of Rhys Ifans’ character Spike.
A sad loss.
#dawnfrench #juliaroberts #vicarofdibley #emmachambers #sadloss #RIP #iamstillawoman

Quote of the day - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#quoteoftheday #stars #lucky 
#henrywadsworthlongfellow #iamstillawoman

Fear makes everything worse.

Fear it's an awful word. It also does awful things to us. Not only in a Cancer battle but in our everyday lives. Just think when we are scared of something it grows bigger and bigger. Making us more and more afraid. Then it ads doubts and insecurities. You know something it's not worth it. Ever hear that saying if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger! Ok think about it, what is the worst thing that can happen. Ok now you are thinking of that. Also think what's the best thing to happen out of this. Ok now this is what I do....
I try to go ok I may die. But then I thought why when I can fight. Then I thought if I can fight I can win. Ok then people asked me do you think you will die?   Well I am trying not to think about that because I need to live. I know it's the hardest thing to do and it's way hard not to keep dragging yourself back to a dark place. So then I put the lights on and made then bright to near blind me. We all cope so differently with things…

Beetroot is it good for repairing the body in a cancer battle?

Remember my gorgeous girlfriend said to me she had heard eat everything red! Ok beetroot is maybe  in the red family.  Is it crimson or maroon but yes it's got to be in that family.
When I told my boys we are having beetroot! Well apparently kids only like the tin one, yep remember the takeaway shops and the burger πŸ” with Tin beetroot. Ha ha you know what I mean. How good are those burgers.
Ok on the Chemotherapy repair my body campaign. I took to buying it from the fruit shop. Omg 😲 fresh is amazing. I know we grew up thinking it came from a tin, yeah and I am from the country lol,
Ok so I bought it and cooked it with a bit of olive oil. Bingo you have an amazing side. Amanda came around and cut it into cubes and put into the oven she loves to cook. So ok what are you thinking. Does it benefit I think so.
#beetroot #vegetables #buildingthebody #repairingbody #survivor #iamstillawoman

The most vividly coloured vegetable, the beetroot (beta vulgaris rubra) is so nutritious tha…

During Chemotherapy my honey 🍯 drinks were great and looks like it has many benefits

"Is honey one of those anti-cancer foods? Can it cure cancer?"  Honey could be considered the most sustainable food produced naturally. It contains sugars, vitamins, minerals and has high anti-oxidant activities. Cancer is on the rise in most countries. Carcinogenesis is a multi-step process and has multi-factorial causes. Among these are low immune status, chronic infection, chronic inflammation, chronic nonhealing ulcers, smoking, obesity etc. Published studies thus far have shown that honey improves immune status, has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and promotes healing of chronic ulcers and wounds and scavenge toxic free radicals. Recently honey has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in cell cultures and in animal models. The mechanisms suggested include induction of apoptosis, disruption of mitochondrial membrane potential and cell cycle arrest. Though sugar is predominant in honey which itself is thought to be carcinogenic, it is understandable t…

Strawberries πŸ“ fighting Cancer

Of course I back up modern medicine I believe Chemotherapy has saved me twice. However because I believe in trying everything I had a girlfriend say Neen eat Strawberries πŸ“ so I did. She said eat everything red!!! As I did say in one of my blogs don't listen to everything people tell you as you can go quiet mad. But take what you need.
I need to also mention that I asked my doctor πŸ‘¨‍⚕️ about fighting breast cancer the alternative way he said success rate was 1 % so please don't rely on this alone.
I met 23 girls on this voyage 18 died 3 did only alternate it didn't work. My blog is about sharing information that helped me. Please don't totally rely on strawberries alone. #iamstillawoman
So in my research this is what I found. #strawberries #cancer #red #fighting #health
When it comes to preventing cancer, can strawberries really make a difference? Absolutely! Strawberries can affect risk for several different cancers in several different ways. They can even help reve…