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Sharon Osbourne to front cancer campaign

Sharon Osbourne is fronting a "vital" breast cancer campaign just one year on from having a preventative double mastectomy. The former X Factor judge, who suffered from colon cancer, has teamed up with her daughter Kelly for this year's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign which launches on Monday. The Osbourne duo will be joined on billboards nationwide by designer Pearl Lowe and her model daughter Daisy. The famous mother and daughter pairings are urging the public to "Wear Your Support" and buy something from the campaign's collection. Funds will be raised for Breakthrough Breast Cancer through the sale of specially designed products from high street shops. Osbourne underwent a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she carried the BRCA gene which increases the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 85%, and said she wants people to "embrace" this campaign. "Every year Fashion Targets Breast Cancer uni

The ugly old witches of Lizzy Bay- Where is the love?

I have nicknamed these 2 Elizabeth Bay woman the witches. I thought I should share this story as its pretty despicable. I came to Sydney as I do every week, I had a drink out with my girlfriends there were 4 of us. Someone put something in my drink at the Cross,  as I ended up in a very bad way as I did not drink as much as the other girls I should have been ok. I had pre op in the morning so I was pretty keen to be in very good shape. I won't name this Elizabeth Bay building but its old, it was beige now is grey. (locals will know) I passed out on the door step naked, no keys you think as this is out of character for me and I was clearly in a crisis, these 2 woman are well known for being whingers, dont worry I will name them in my next book so you know. Rang the police instead of an ambulance, fortunately a friend rang my girlfriend and she came to save me. Thank god for Zu, saved me I was very ill all week. The moral of this story is we should be there to help each othe

Cynthia Nixon by Lena Huang Questions and Answers Breast Cancer

WEB EXCLUSIVES Q&A with Cynthia Nixon BY LENA HUANG Our readership would be interested to hear about your breast cancer experience. Would you share your story? I was treated in New York at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt. I received tremendous care. My cancer was found during a routine mammogram when I was 40. Because my mother had breast cancer twice, I started getting mammograms when I was 35. The wonderful Dr. Brown, who found the small cancer on my mammogram said, “You know I wouldn’t have thought anything of this. It is so small, except it wasn’t there on any of your previous mammograms.” I think that speaks volumes of how important it is to get mammograms, how important it is to get them regularly and how important it is to get them young. If I had started when I was 40, maybe they wouldn’t have caught it. I had it biopsied, and it proved to be cancerous. I had a lumpectomy immediately. I was in a play at the time, and my doctor, anesthesiologist an

Barnes & Noble. Cancer my journey

  I Am Still a Woman: My Journey by   Nina-Ann McCurley ,  Jim Kilpatrick (With) Add to List +  Be the first to write a review Overview   I am Nina-Ann McCurley.   I was born in a small town, an average woman living my life day to day. Twelve years ago, as I watched my mother waste away and die of ovarian cancer, I felt the pain of losing someone so dear and loving to me.   What I didn't know then was that I would have to face my own battle with cancer one day-not once, but twice. I love my life and my three sons, ...   See more details below Eligible for  FREE SHIPPING   details Usually ships within 24 hours  details Paperback $14.99   Add to Bag Other sellers  (Paperback)   All (6)   from   $8.98       New (5)   from   $8.98       Used (1)   from   $14.98     Available on NOOK devices and apps    Want a NOOK?  Explore Now