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Inflammatory Breast Cancer - what is it?

Inflammatory breast cancer blocks certain vessels in the skin covering the breast. The breasts become red, swollen and tender. Other symptoms include a rapid change in breast appearance, thickness or heaviness, along with unusual warmth. Treatments include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. #breastcancer #awareness #inflammatory #iamstillawoman #cancer Consult a doctor for medical advice

Breast Cancer - To feel or not to feel?

Well not being prepared for a double mastectomy is one thing! Please don't get me wrong I feel I made the right choice to have it. Due to genes and  being my second Cancer etc. but my chest is still dead. Hard to explain but I can't feel anything. The skin has repaired I feel skin. But underneath my chest feels like it's not there. Doesn't make sense I know but I don't have feeling it's like a black hole. 9 years on it hasn't changed. So in the beginning I did read in an article some woman may get some feeling back. I guess it's not me, I would love to hear from others going through this. Are you the same? Example I dropped a 12 kilo box from above my head by accident. It landed on my chest, felt nothing but I got winded badly. So I guess that would have hurt. Then in the morning had a gigantic bruise. So this is evidence that it would have hurt if I could feel it. I guess if I was going to feel anything it should have happened by now! I have learnt

Quote of the day Yoko Ono

When we are walking through life staring at the ground, it is nice to remind ourselves about the sky. Yoko Ono #yokoono #inspiration #quoteoftheday

October Breast Cancer month - where am I up too?

Gee I looked at the date today and yes October 2008 seems long ago. I guess it is. Now 9 years in I have survived this ordeal. For all of us survivors I am sure there is a proud moment of wow. I am still here. By no means am I saying there is no physical or mental scars. There are a lot, but there is an over whelming sense of success and gratitude as well. I am feeling lucky to be alive. So to all those survivors out there. I give you a massive congratulations and a pat on the back. To all the beautiful people we lost I applaud you for putting up the fight of your life. Community is supporting each other through thick and thin. #breastcancerawareness #survivor #tributetothosewhomnevermadeit #feelinglucky #breastcancermonth #october #pinkribbon #iamstillawoman

Quote of the day - Yoko Ono

Love is forever. Once you know, you can never unknow. Took Ono #love #survivor #lifestooshort #yokoono #quotes

Quote of the day - Bette Davis

"When a man gives his opinion he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion she's a bitch." ~ Bette Davis #quote #SQN