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Clinical depression - major

Clinical depression

R u ok? Beyond Blue

HomeThe factsWhat is mental health? What is mental health? It’s an expression we use every day, so it might surprise you that the term ‘mental health’ is frequently misunderstood.

The Central Coast NSW - a bad egg

I have lived in 3 places on my life. Living on the central coast NSW is a shocker!
Can I back the stats!!!
This is the evidence..,
Highest unemployed
Highest divorce rate
Highest suicide
HIghest aging population
What is going on.
After living in 3 different places I am backing these stats.
The people are non motivated
Living in a bad place- try to enrol you in unhappily ever after!
A joke / I had hoped but nope they are weird here. The ultimate unhappiness !
It's truly evidence that it is the weirdest place ever. They bag out Byron bay as a institute of Lower class.
I can see what makes  central coast stats bad!
It's the true bottom of the world, after living in 3 different places thus is the pits! Lower class people pretending to be cashed up bogans. It is purely the worst place I have lived!
Get a grip it lives by its shallow reputation
It's a terrible place - a soap opera of weird people, dole bludgers and Crap 💩
Don't move here! But being cruel being real
Run rab…

PTSD - can happen to anyone

What does that mean ?
We all are fighting a battle no one can see!
Be kind
PUBLIC This section is for Veterans, General Public, Family, & Friends What Is PTSD? HandoutUnderstanding PTSD
and PTSD Treatment
 (PDF) PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. It's normal to have upsetting memories, feel on edge, or have trouble sleeping after this type of event. At first, it may be hard to do normal daily activities, like go to work, go to school, or spend time with people you care about. But most people start to feel better after a few weeks or months.  If it's been longer than a few months and you're still having symptoms, you may have PTSD. For some people, PTSD symptoms may start later on, or they may come and go over time. What factors affect who develops PTSD? PTSD can happen to anyone. It is n…

Feta Cheese - anti cancer and health benefits

7 Benefits of Feta Cheese Nutrition — the Healthiest Cheese & Even Anti-Cancer I have good news! Not all cheese is bad for you — so if you

The fast and the furious - cancer fighting back

Well the more we see and hear the more we want to know. Awareness is the key. Knowing but not knowing it's all about symptoms and really that yearly check with the doctor. Always reporting changes and what's happening.
Doctors are awesome, they are the ones we trust our life too so getting a good one that you can share and feel like they are listening is the key here.
I sometimes think wow that dam test! Yep well it's worth it for peace of mind.
My friends are now loosing parents to this so again what so we share with our friends. Everything, a great friend is an asset.
Remember we were all excited sharing engagements, weddings, births and so many happy and exciting times.
Ok so what now. It's sad now divorces, funerals and sickness.
That's ok that is the circle of life.
It's so weird but now in my early 50's I would be really excited for a wedding or a birth. No more funerals please.
This weekend I have a friends hubbies 50th and my very good friend turns…

Quote of the day - Dalai Lama

I’m just one human being, but I believe each one of us has a responsibility to contribute to a happier humanity.
#quoteoftheday #dalailama #iamstillawoman #confessionsofatwicecancersurvivor

Quote of the day - She Quotes

"Nothing is impossible. There are just things which are hard to be possible." ~ @ponchuply #SheQuotes #quote #iamstillawoman

Quote of the day - Dalai Lama

In our day to day life warm-heartedness is the key factor for happiness.
#quoteoftheday #dalailama #peace #happiness #iamstillawoman