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Breast Cancer, dating and men

Relationships are supposed to be easy. I will say they should be. I like the romance and the voyage of getting to know someone. Men and woman are a little confused these days and are unsure of what lies ahead. I say a great connection, someone who makes you laugh and understands you. I am not going to say you must have common interests as that requires a little give and take. When your body goes through lots of surgeries and there are mental scars, that is obvious but then its the physical side as well. I am pretty eager to have my surgeries over and I thought they would be. I have one more to go. I am dealing with this side really well, the men do not seem to mind and my boobs look great considering what they have been through. I thought at 50 I would be settling down, but it is a test of time and finding the right person to settle down with. The voyage continues and I am very happy about my future and very excited what might happen next. The last few relationships were not fo