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Nipple reconstruction the terror!

I have kind of decided it’s pretty dumb to want nipple surgery! Can they replace it the same no. But has techlogy made it easier or harder!
Gee hard question!
I wanted my nipples back to be human and a women again!
Looking back it’s the stupidest thing I have ever done!
No nipples:
No bra
It costs a lot of money and I don’t think it’s worth it, they are gone now it’s time to accept the loss. As hard as it is.
I thought it would be great! Trying to get my body back, but the truth is our not coming back it’s gone and that has to be ok.
I guess it was do I get tattoos and try and look normal again! They do have some great tattoo nipples.
Well no I have accepted the new me but it comes with so many insecurities that I thought I was over.
It’s ok not to have them! It’s ok not to be ok. But I am ok my boyfriend at the time spent $10,000 on these nipples to make me feel good, he actually was fine with everything so why was I so desperate to replace something that’s gone!
Be happy with who you are! I put way too much pressure on what others thought.
Now I don’t care and it’s about time.
The scars have nearly gone this is 11 years since surgery. I am not sure though the mental scars will ever go! But if you help one person in this life avoid something bad that’s a good thing!
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