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Ground breaking cancer Carctol Capsule in India with Dr.Vipin Tiwari

Sharing is caring and also very important to keep up with what’s happening in the world. Cancer news we see everyday!
This is something I am very very excited about :
Changing the future and also saving lives.
Sound too good to be true well it’s not the research that has gone into this product is brilliant.
Please check out Dr.Vipin Tiwari he is working in India.
I was really happy he contacted me to share this product.
So I want to share it also with you all.
The mission:


"Our mission is to offer products as well as services of the
highest professional standards in order to make the whole world Cancer Free."

The people at Dr. Nandlal Tiwari Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. are focused on researching the power of ayurveda, bring up natural medicines & therapies and spread it all over the world for the benfit of mankind. We work hard to bring smiles on hopeless patients of Cancer.

With successful records in past and dedication of our employees we are confident to provide more beneficial medicines & therapies to patients and great manufacture and customer support satisfaction.
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Here is the website so you can see for your self.


Carctol® is a gift of timeless knowledge of Ayurveda, the complete science of perfection in life specially to Cancer . Carctol® is a clinically proven herbal compound containing only natural , rare and precious herbs . These herbs are mixed together in precise proportional strength to balance & nourish the entire body system & strengthen immune system. Carctol have also helps cancer patients in their fight with cancer and also to combact the side effects of chemotherapy & radiotheray. Specially for cancer patients it is indicated. 

CARCTOL has also been subjected to in-vitro study at Advanced Cancer Research Center of TATA, Mumbai against 14 types of human cancer cells out of which it was found effective against pancreatic and lung cancer. It was placed on record that CARCTOL is being used for treatment of cancer patients both in the country and abroad. After preparation of dossiers, multi-centric clinical trials will be conducted,” sources in the Council said. 

All the herbs used in Carctol have been certified as anticancer by different countries. Apart from cancer all the herbs used in Carctol have immune enhancing properties. 

Carctol is totally safe to consume, it is as safe as food. even a normal person can take carctol. Ideally for cancer patients CARCTOL is advised to be taken minimum for 60-90 days. Apart from its results on cancer it also boost the immune system & regain physical strength and normal body function over a period of time. Even after getting recovered by cancer, many patients take carctol as prophylaxis as it has no side effects and as safe as food & can be consumed even by a normal person as supplement.


1. Brain cancer, 2. Blood Cancer-CML/AML, 3. Non Hodking Lymphoma + TB, 4. Prostate along with bone metastasis, 5. Breast Cancer, 6. Colon & Rectal Cancer, 7. Abdomen Cancer, 8. Duodenum Cancer, 9. Liver cancer, 10. Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer, 11. Carcinoma of Testis, 12. Urinary bladder carcinoma, 13. Lung Cancer, 14. Melanoma, 15. Pancreatic Cancer, 16. Bladder & Prostate Cancer, 17. Bone cancer, 18. Carcinoma- Esophagus, 19. Ovary + Omentum CA cervix cancer, 20. Skin Cancer (Non- Melanoma), 21. Thyroid, 22. Throat & Nasopharynx cancer.


Oral Administration
Effective against multi-drug resistance
Well Tolerated
can be consumed prophylactialy
Also effective for those patients who are troubled by the side-effects of chemo-therapy and radiotherapy
Clinical studies have proven that our treatment is effective for all type of cancer and has shown great result on every stage of cancer. 

CarctolĂ‚® is a general healer of all kinds of tumors. It also treats and removes all the symptoms and side effects caused by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.
Carctol is absolutely safe for human consumption.

Apart from its results on cancer it also boost the immune system & regain physical strength and normal body function over a period of time.


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