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Sex in the suburbs! Part 1

Sex sells there is no doubt about that! Look at everything around you! But what happens now romance is gone?
Is romance dead! Well it seems that way. But why??
Ok so let’s go back to what mums said. In the 60’s a time of free loving and parties. So can you remember back!  Yep I was a 65 model meaning 1965. Remember the mini skirts - gee they seemed tame to this era. lol 😂 Funerals are a classic example we would have been murdered if we went to church looking like you were going to stand on a corner of Kings Cross!
But do they care anymore, probably not. Society has changed a lot.
Dating in the day. Dinner, movies or a picnic?? Gee it seems like an eternity ago.
Let’s use 4 ladies with our stories: similar to sex in the city - maybe or maybe not!
I am changing names here to protect all involved. But it’s great to share stories and the girls don’t mind but yep I am protecting all.
1. Sophie - like Samantha sex it the city (no strings no commitment doesn’t care)
2. Melanie - like Miranda sex in the city (great job looking for love all the wrong places)
3. Karen - like Carrie sex in the city (wanting a commitment)
4. Charlie - like Charlotte sex in the city (believes is fairytales)
All the girls are single! At the moment...

Part 1 :
So Sophie shares the greates stories on one night stands. She doesn’t seem to care for details just racking up the numbers so to speak! Do I think deep down she will settle down no way!
Her dates!
I love this is kinda cute. Men and woman think differently although I can’t say who plays more games as both sexed certainly are afraid of getting hurt.
Sophie dates quick! Really only sex related. She likes the young ones as she is claims not to like the older man body. Sophie is or could be the hand that rocks the cradle. She thinks a romp or 2  with younger generation is a thing. She has 2 children a boy and girl! They don’t know their mother plays these games when they are with their Dad. That’s a good thing. Sophie is mid 40’s claims time is running out and age is up to play’ a pure party animal! Lots of fun to go out with. Expect the unexpected they say! Yep I never know what may happen here.
But you could say she won’t leave with the group the game is pick up!
It’s not a game to her and she is having fun. So as they say if your happy what’s the problem.
Everyone is entitled to live their life there way!
To be continued.......
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