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50 shades of Grey - Phoebe Mack

Hi !
I am Pheobe Mack
Nina’s life long friend.
Please I am not taking over! I am a friend in need when a friend in deed!
We have been friends all our lives- yep I am 3 months younger than the gorgeous Nina - Ann McCurley.
Our parents were friends in rhe day. Nina was the apple of her godparents eyes!
That’s where I come in relatives of the old family!
I lived in Goulburn for a short time. As a child and an only child I had a dream!
Me today single no kids a great corporate job and a long failed relationship with a German man who let me down!
Ok your saying who cares! I do and maybe you do but are you too afraid to say!
Why do we form friendships that stay forever! Let me tell tou why! Because great friendships last for  ever and ever! What is trust and friendships it’s special and hard to find. Nina and I have that bond. Though thick and thin we have each other’s back always!
I am not taking over here. I just want to share our story!
Guess what most of you know it, but if you don’t here it goes!
Nina born January 1965
Me April 1965 - our parents not related but I guess we are blood sisters!
Nina a gorgeous  blonde - like today still
Me a whinging brunette crying never happy!
Ha ha ha still today our personalities are the same.
The gorgeous Nina an inspiration to the world!
Me a quiet pathetic achiever that is single no kids and private.
Nina Jesus I wanted her life forever-
Just because I admired here Always and I stop do
My story of us stay tuned!
The legend and sliding doors of 2 beautiful girls growing up together.
The sisters from another mother!
Yep let’s do This stay tuned!!
My name is Pheobe Mack
#ninamccurley #sisterlylove# #iamstillawoman #mybesrfriend #survivor


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