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Petscan - my results

I thought I should share this crazy day with you, by the way my results were fantastic and perfect no seconadry cancer anywhere. That was a cause for a major celebration.
They charge for these tests and it is an out of pocket expense, that means you dont get one cent back. The trick to most of these tests is that you pay. I was asked to pay upfront before having it as well. They said I would not be allowed to come back through reception so the money had to be done and the receipt would be waiting for me when I left.
The PETSCAN starts with your medical hisatory and looking at all your old scans, if you are anything like me there will be a million of them...This took a half an hour. Then they put you in a room on your own for 1 hour while they pump the radioactive material into you. Then basically the test takes just under half an hour. So all up allow 3 hours and I was charged $400 I noticed that most places charge between $400 and $500. The petscan machine looks exactly like CT machine.
As I went through my history with the young girl she asked me what surgeries have you had? I answered double mastectomy, hysterectomy, ooferectomy and a few more. She was sweet, she said "whats an ooferectomy?" I answered removal of the ovaries, then she said "both"? I said yes, Then she said "would you be pregnant or breastfeeding"? I answered gee if I am that is going to be a bloody miracle...then she said "sorry that was a silly question". I wanted to share that I have been asked this quiet a bit before a test. It appears they forget or its routine they don't think about what they say.
Take food with you for after this test you are not allowed near anyone, I was starving as had fasted all day. That's just a great little tip to help you. It takes a bit of the fear out when you now it will not hurt at all.
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