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Old fashioned remedies

Ok we go to the chemist and I never leave without spending $60 plus. On all these remedies that may or may not work.
Let's go back to before the pharmaceutical industry was a trillion dollar business.
Sorry if your laughing when you read this but we do make chemist owners very rich. Nan lived to 100 using these tips. My uncle Bob is 80 and my father is 76.

Common cold!
Lemon and honey 🍯 in a cup with warm water before bed. Makes the cold sweat out!
Vicks omg my favourite product! Under your nose. All over your chest and back. On your feet and put sox on to sleep. The warming gel of Vicks will heat out that cold.

Cleaning wax out of ears!
Nan did this to my father and he hated it but it worked. Olive oil tipped down the ears for a few minutes. Good as new, no ear aches.

Cleaning the gut!
Every morning one tablespoon of castor oil. Tastes disgusting will make that face do a million sour looks but it works.

Drawring Ointment!
Sunlight soap yep you got it, it's in a bar. Put sugar through it with a spoon, that's right just sugar.
Crush it through soap. Put it on the part of the body that needs drawring. Nan used this to get a splinter out of my leg. Yep in the morning it was gone, and in the soap.
Wrap a bandage tightly around the soap. Not too tight. It works overnight like some sort of a miracle, no mess like that black ointment.

Killing germs whilst travelling to foreign countries!
Avoiding the gastro bug and healing the guy making it stronge do it doesn't get sick.
Beer and chillies 🌶 everyday! Guaranteed this works do it everyday, you will not get sick!

Trouble sleeping!
Warm milk before bed. You will sleep like a baby.

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